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VIP Speakers In Shanghai

Welcome to attending our VIP Seminar Programs during DRT Show Shanghai 12-14 April 2019.

Mr. Lin Qing, China

Born in 1965 in Beijing, Qing has been taking pictures since 1985. He began to dive in 2002 and later got into underwater photography in 2006. Photojournalist of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Qing is also the producer of Dream Wavers, which represented China to compete in the Best Foreign Language Film category in the 2008 Oscars. Since 2013, his work has been winning many international awards every year, including Our World Underwater.
Mr. Tim Ho, Malaysia

In 2009 Tim purchased his 1st underwater compact camera, the game of upgrading was too expensive and beyond the means of an island based dive instructor, so Tim started to explore and develop his own comprehension of how his little camera worked. Now his methods and compact camera techniques are some of today's reference materials used and shared by underwater photography trainers when teaching about compact camera use, while some of his earlier works are still often used as benchmarks of what to strive to achieve when shooting with a compact camera. His works have been published globally, displayed at underwater photography exhibitions internationally while he is sought after as a coach and speaker at dive shows and photography dive destinations in the region.
Mr. Alex Tyrrell, UK

Alex Tyrrell is a professional underwater photographer based in Thailand, where he operates Dive4Photos, a dedicated underwater photography training facility. He is a freelance photo journalist writing articles and providing images for numerous dive magazines. He also runs regular photo workshops and tours to destinations around Asia.

Mr. Eric Goh, Malaysia

Eric is a professional photographer. His underwater images have graced numerous international magazines and even a personal themed hotel room featuring all the top artists in the country. His work has been commissioned by major tourism campaigns and features prominently on graphic walls in city walkways and national billboards.

Mr. Ken Thongpila, Australia/Thailand
Photographer/Founder of Underwater Macro Photographer (UWMP) Facebook Group

Ken Thongpila is an Australian-Thai, living and working in Sydney. He is an award-winning photographer and a Photo Journalist who has been featured in diving magazines and websites. He also judges local and international photo competitions and shootouts. He is regularly invited to give presentations at diving and travel expos in Asia. Ken has been scuba diving and taking photographs underwater as his hobby since 2003. His passion is macro photography and his favorite critter is the Nudibranch. In September 2011 he created the Underwater Macro Photographers (UWMP) Facebook Group, which quickly became popular with the underwater photography community and has more than 42,500 members from all over the world. The group shares information, ideas and tips on how to take better macro photos.
Mr. A.G. Saño, Philippines

A.G. Saño is a professional photographer whose works have appeared in different international and local media such as CNN, National Geographic Channel, Asian Geographic, Asian Diver, CNTV, Channelnews Asia, LA Times, Getty Images, AP Reuters, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, Philippine STAR, RAPPLER.com, ABSCBN, GMA7, TV5, NET25, UNTV, NBN4, etc. He is a conservationist who has been involved in whale and dolphin research for the past 14 years. He has also done assignments on sea turtles, dugong habitats, sharks and other environmental work with reputable NGO’s and institutions such as WWF, Greenpeace, RARE, Conservation International, Silliman University, LAMAVE, PFEC, among others. He is a cofounder of Balyena.org, a non-profit group undertaking marine mammal conservation efforts in the country.
Mr. Horst Dederichs, Germany
CEO of dive2gether.net

Horst is the CEO of dive2gether.net the company behind SCUBA FORCE & SF2 ECCR. He has been a scuba instructor since 1993 and began working full time in the diving industry. Horst has lead several wreck expeditions in the past to both unknown and very famous wrecks like the “Lusitania” and “HMS Hampshire”, which were all documented by German television. Horst has published several books about Tech and Wreck Diving. He did his formal CCR training in the mid-ninties with Max Hahn. Horst used a variety of rebreathers during his wreck expeditions including MCCR, PSCR and ECCR systems. These experiences ultimately led to the production of the SF2 ECCR.
Mr. Gary Sun, China

Gary Sun is the representative of National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) South China Region, NAUI course director trainer, vice president of China Ocean Photographer Association Underwater Photographic Committee, director of Guangdong Photographer Association, manager of Underwater Photographic Committee, and member of Photographic Society of America (PSA).
Mr. Liu Yi, China

Liu Yi is a professional screenwriter. He has written a number of movie & TV plays, such as 'Wolf Warriors', 'Young Justice Bao' and 'My Sisters and Brothers'. In 2010, Yi obtained his first diving license as his birthday gift and became infatuated with diving. If he is not diving, he's on the way to diving. Now Yi is a Wreck Penetration Diver & Go Sidemount Cave Diver of PSAI. He is interested in studying the history behind wrecks, and exploring the beauty of the caves through diving.
Mr. Marco Chang, Taiwan
Underwater Photographer

Marco Chang, who is a creative advertiser as his career. Back in 2008, he started to dive and were attractive by the fascinated underwater world. On the summer of 2013, he has upgraded his camera by using DSLR and since then, it has been his most powerful weapon thru out his 7 years underwater photography. In 2012, encouraged by seniors, he started to compete his works on multiples contests and had won many prizes during the contests. Marco Chang hope people will not just see the beauty of ocean but will take more serious concern on ocean conservation. He will continue to take more great photos, so that thru his lens, people will love the ocean as he does.
Mr. Enzo Zhao, China
AIDA Free Diving Instructor Trainer/SSI Free Diving Instructor Trainer/Founder of One FreeDive China

Enzo Zhao is the first AIDA free diving instructor in China, having rich free diving experience. Meanwhile, he is also the first AIDA master instructor, first generation of AIDA instructor trainer, and the one and only dual system (AIDA & SSI) free diving instructor in Mainland China. Enzo is the first National record holder of Static Breath holding and Free Immersion. At same time, he is also the founder of OneFreeDive Club, the largest free diving club in China.
Ms. Vania Kam, Hong Kong

Vania is an award-winning photographer who was fascinated and mesmerized by the beauty of the underwater world when her parents took her to Guam where she did her first DSD at the age of 14. She is a barrister-at-law by profession and enjoys photography since she was a teenager. Vania became a certified open water diver in the end of 2009 and has been shooting underwater photos ever since in her spare time. Her hard work and dedication gained her 34 local and international photographic awards and her photos are published and exhibited worldwide such as the Nationa Geographic website and the Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice one year exhibition displayed at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.
Ms. Zhou Fang (PauPau), China
Dive Instructor of NAUI/Executive Director of Chinese Diving Photography Committee/Shark Conservationist

PauPau, Doctor of management, is not only the Vice President and General Secretary of the film and television branch of China Pacific institute but also the founder and general director of 《Dive the World》. PauPau’s underwater photos were displayed nationwide for many times. She has filmed a large number of sharks, so PauPau is known as "the Girl Chasing After Sharks in the World" and won the title “Top 10 of Charming Girls” in 2016. The documentary 《Looking for Whale Sharks 》won the second prize of Micro Film Contest held by Hunan TV. 《Dive the World》directed by PauPau is broadcasted on several online network platform. Now she is in the process of filming a documentary 《Underwater China》, presenting the underwater cultures in China to the world.
Mr. Sendoh Wang, China
AIDA Freediving Instructor

Sendoh Wang is an IC design engineer and AIDA freediving instructor. He started freediving in 2012, broke several national records of China, and is still keeping two China national records, including 100M CWT, 95M FIM, and one Asian record, 70M CN. He has rich and vast experience in freediving training and competition, and has strived to promote recreational and safe freediving in China.
Mr. K. Zhang, China
Full-time Underwater Photographer/PADI Dive Instructor

K. Zhang is a full-time underwater photographer, currently residing in Japan. Before starting to scuba diving, K. Zhang has been obsessed with a variety of wild animals. He always enjoys the photographs of the wild animals. When the very first time going scuba diving in 2014, he made a decision of letting others to understand the splendid marine life through his lens and photographs. He wishes to be an underwater photographer in front of people more than to be a scuba diving instructor. He has always been convinced that the pictures that come from "thinking and heart" are more likely to resonate with others. As an underwater photographer, he devoted to showing more people the marvelous underwater world and creatures through the lens.
Ms. Violet Ting, Taiwan/Malaysia
Underwater Photographer

Violet Ting, in May 2015, joined Zero Editing Shootout of “SNUPS” competition in the Philippines and won three awards including 1st place in Nudibranch portrait, 1st place in Macro, and the Silver prize Photographer of the year. She then became the first Asian female for the #25 cover story of Europe online magazine Scubashooter and the interviewee of Malaysia China Post. Violet specializes in the Art of snoot and luminance, being an expert in colors and lights. For her, capturing moods and moments is a beautiful thing. Underwater photography is about feeling the mood of any given subject and transforming that moment into a visual art that connects with the viewers. This is her way in expressing visual photography.
Mr. Henry Tao, China
Professor of Second Military Medical University (SMMU)/Chief Diving Medical Advisor of DAN-AP

Dr. Henry Tao (Tao Hengyi), a retired professor and doctoral supervisor from Second Military Medical University (SMMU), Shanghai, China, is a member of SMMU Committee of Experts, Chief Diving Medical Advisor of DAN-AP, executive member of ICHM and academic advisor of Hyperbaric Medical Institute of San Francisco, etc. He mainly contributes himself into the research of diving medical protection and diving disease mechanism and prevention.
Mr. Cary Bao, China
Autodesk Agile Coach/Underwater Photographer/Founder of UWPIXEL.CN

Cary Bao has about 10 years of underwater photography experience. He has won many awards in many international underwater photography competitions. His underwater photos are published in many diving magazines and some online media. Cary commits himself to promote the underwater photography in China.
Ms. Joyce Ng, Hong Kong
PADI Dive Master/Underwater Model & Mermaid

Joyce’s diving journey started in 2011, and now she is a PADI dive master and Hong Kong’s first real mermaid. Passionate for underwater photography, Joyce garnered awards for international underwater photo contests and have been published in various magazines. She hopes that her photos will let everyone see the beauty of the ocean and motivate them to realize that we need to protect it. Joyce has taken her ideas of conservation and human connection to another level. She has also put her camera down, and swims into other photographers’ frames as an underwater model and mermaid as she endeavors to make the ocean-human connection more tangible.
Mr. Yang Guang, China
Male Nation Record Holder of STA in China/PADI Master Instructor/APNEA ACADEMY Instructor/AIDA Master Instructor/APNEA TOTAL Master Instructor/PADI EFR Instructor

Mr. Yang Guang is a freediving athlete, freediving sport communicator, freediving instructor, founder of EQ workshop, and also the co-founder of Alpha Diving. Yang Guang was a member of 2016 AIDA World Championship China Team and won Champion of STA of 2017 and 2018 Beijing Pool Competition. He insists on attending non-profit EQ workshop monthly to help more freedivers get the “key” to the ocean. Yang Guang believes that enjoyment is much more valuable than depth in freediving, and thinks we should face plastic ocean issues properly and pick up every piece we can reach in water.
Mr. Allen San, China
Founder of Shanghai Narwhal Ocean Research Centre (N.O.C.)/PADI Scuba Dive Instructor

In early 2017, Allen San went to Norway alone, entered the Arctic Circle and filmed a short film about glaciers. After returning home, he started to set up the Shanghai Billion Whale Marine Research Center N.O.C., a non-governmental organization dedicated to assisting marine environmental research, popularizing knowledge of marine environmental protection and promoting the development of marine environmental protection economy. Since its establishment in March 2017, it has cooperated with China Polar Research Center and Tongji University to assist in the research of marine microplastics pollution. It has assisted in the development of a micro-plastic sampling device which has been recognized by the academic community. Since 2018, N.O.C. has started the sampling of microplastics pollution in the global sea area, and started the sampling of microplastics pollution in the headwaters of the Yangtze River Delta. While actively cooperating with scientific research, it is also bringing the most scientific knowledge of marine environmental protection into primary and secondary schools and has been welcomed by teachers and students.
Mr. Nick Song, China
Underwater Photographer/Founder of Wan International Dive Center/DIWA Underwater Photography Master

Nick Song, a professional underwater photographer, is now based in Shanghai, China. He is one of founders of Wan International Dive Center, DIWA underwater photography master, a diving instructor, and a snowboard instructor as well. Nick has been diving all over the world, having good experience in diving and underwater photography. He was awarded by National Geographer as Marine Ambassador in 2018. Besides, he is also a landscape photographer and travel photographer. Recently, he’s working on underwater photography training.
Mr. Leon Zhao, China

Mr. Leon Zhao is a Chinese professional underwater photographer, who has dedicated to diving and underwater activities since 2014. With the purpose of “learn, enjoy, and share”, he determined to bring the magical ocean lives and beautiful scenery to audiences through his lenses. Many of Leon’s photos have won underwater photograph competitions and published in magazines and other media in China and overseas. Leon has also published more than 50 underwater photography articles shared across the public media. Leon has traveled to many diving destinations across Southeast Asia and South Pacific regions. He focuses on underwater macro, wide angle, portraits, etc.
Dr. Dan Knorr, USA
Founder and Owner of Florida’s Tropical Seas - Reef Safe Sun

For over 30 years, Dan Knorr has been contributing to the well-being of all sea creatures and their environment on a quest to produce the highest quality, environmentally friendly sun care products on a global level from the Tropical Seas Reef Safe Sun laboratory and manufacturing facility in Daytona Beach, Florida. Since outdoor enthusiasts are making a conscious decision to responsibly protect the oceans and waterways by using environmentally friendly sun and skin care products, Reef Safe Sun is not only in the business of protecting our bodies but they are also passionate about the environment and go to great lengths to do the right things for our planet.
Ms. Megan Huang, China
Co-founder of DIWA Mermaid System/DIWA Mermaid Instructor Trainer/Underwater Model/Underwater Photographer

Megan Huang, M. Phil., is a Chinese professional mermaid instructor credited with creating dozens of underwater photos and videos of her real life mermaid adventures. Her freediving journey started after her first encounter with wild manta rays during her first SCUBA trip in 2013. Fascinated by the mysterious and yet stunning mermaid/siren images in the literature, Megan is dedicated to finding a more profound meaning to the mermaid culture. Through the promotion of DIWA’s mermaid system and underwater photography, Megan wishes to bring more public awareness to the ocean ecology and its precious marine life.
Ms. DoDo Shu, China
Co-founder of DIWA Mermaid System/ DIWA Mermaid Instructor Trainer/Underwater Model/Freediving Instructor

DoDo is one of the founders of DIWA Mermaid System and DIWA Mermaid instructor trainer. She strives to popularize mermaid which is a healthy sport, letting more and more people who have the mermaid dreams experience the interest and beauty of mermaid. As a freediving instructor, a bodybuilding lover, and a model that has more than ten years of experience, DoDo is willing to combine the performing arts with the strength and beauty of mermaid, bringing new mermaid style to the public and making more people more familiar with this healthy and beautiful exercise.

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