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VIP Speakers In Shanghai

Welcome to attending our VIP Seminar Programs during DRT Show Shanghai 6-8 April 2018.
The year 2017 program will coming soon!

Mr. A.G. Saño, Philippines

A.G. Saño is a professional photographer whose works have appeared in different international and local media such as CNN, National Geographic Channel, Asian Geographic, Asian Diver, CNTV, Channelnews Asia, LA Times, Getty Images, AP Reuters, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, Philippine STAR, RAPPLER.com, ABSCBN, GMA7, TV5, NET25, UNTV, NBN4, etc. He is a conservationist who has been involved in whale and dolphin research for the past 14 years. He has also done assignments on sea turtles, dugong habitats, sharks and other environmental work with reputable NGO’s and institutions such as WWF, Greenpeace, RARE, Conservation International, Silliman University, LAMAVE, PFEC, among others. He is a co founder of Balyena.org, a non profit group undertaking marine mammal conservation efforts in the country.
Mr. Ken Thongpila, Australia/Thailand
Photographer/Founder of Underwater Macro Photographer (UWMP) Facebook Group

Ken Thongpila is an Australian-Thai, living and working in Sydney. He is an award-winning photographer and a Photo Journalist who has been featured in diving magazines and websites. He also judges local and international photo competitions and shootouts. He is regularly invited to give presentations at diving and travel expos in Asia. Ken has been scuba diving and taking photographs underwater as his hobby since 2003. His passion is macro photography and his favorite critter is the Nudibranch. In September 2011 he created the Underwater Macro Photographers (UWMP) Facebook Group, which quickly became popular with the underwater photography community and has more than 41,500 members from all over the world. The group shares information, ideas and tips on how to take better macro photos.
Mr. Liu Yi, China

Liu Yi is a professional screenwriter. He has written a number of movie & TV plays, such as 'Wolf Warriors', 'Young Justice Bao' and 'My Sisters and Brothers'. In 2010, Yi obtained his first diving lisence as his birthday gift and became infatuated with diving. If he is not diving, he's on the way to diving. Now Yi is a Wreck Penetration Diver & Go Sidemount Cave Diver of PSAI. He is interested in studying the history behind wrecks, and exploring the beauty of the caves through diving.

Mr. Gary Sun, China

Gary Sun is China's first RAID closed circulatory and respiratory systems instructor trainer officer. He is also the NAUI Diving Instructor, a registered China Underwater Association diving instructor, and executive director of Administration of Ocean and Fisheries of Guangdong Province. Gary has many years of underwater photography practice, with good international and domestic diving and travel experiences. His photographs always publish on media websites, magazines and newspapers.

Mr. Henry Tao, China
Professor of Second Military Medical University (SMMU)/Chief Diving Medical Advisor of DAN-AP

Dr. Henry Tao (Tao Hengyi), a retired professor and doctoral supervisor from Second Military Medical University (SMMU), Shanghai, China, is a member of SMMU Committee of Experts, Chief Diving Medical Advisor of DAN-AP, executive member of ICHM and academic advisor of Hyperbaric Medical Institute of San Francisco, etc. He mainly contributes himself into the research of diving medical protection and diving disease mechanism and prevention.
Mr. Enzo Chen, Taiwan
Photographer/Founder of Enzo Marine Diving

Mr. Enzo has been taking pictures underwater since 1990. He has provided content for a number of magazines and underwater journals, sharing his skills, expertise and his technical knowledge of equipment. Enzo is especially masterful in his use of lighting and composition. Through his lens, creatures of the deep take centre-stage, their unique, captivating and endearing characters revealed as they are thrown into sharp relief.
Mr. Vince Pan, Taiwan
Founder of Shanghai Magic Diving Club

Vince comes from Taiwan. He is the Senior Assistant Professor for both Taiwan Shu-Te University and Mei-Ho University. Vince has dedicated for the management on the field of diving for more than 30 years. He is the editor of the first Chinese Free Diving teaching material and the first originator for creating Free Diving training program of Greater China.
Mr. Lin Qing, China

Born in 1965 in Beijing, Qing has been taking pictures since 1985. He began to dive in 2002 and later got into underwater photography in 2006. Photojournalist of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Qing is also the producer of Dream Wavers, which represented China to compete in the Best Foreign Language Film category in the 2008 Oscars. Since 2013, his work has been winning many international awards every year, including Our World Underwater.
Mr. Morgan Xia, China
Secretary-general of Shenzhen Dapeng Coral Conservation Volunteers Federation (DIVE FOR LOVE)

Morgan is the Secretary-general of Shenzhen Dapeng Coral Conservation Volunteers Federation (DIVE FOR LOVE). He promoted the pilot sites construction of two marine reserves, cooperated with the local fishermen to not to cast fishing net in the specified range and inspired public to take action to protect the coral.
Mr. Enzo Zhao, China
AIDA Free Diving Instructor

He is the first AIDA free diving instructor in Mainland China; and the first dual system (AIDA & SSI) free diving instructor in Mainland China. He has rich experience of free diving. He is not only the first AIDA Master Instructor in Mainland China, but also the National record holder of Static Breath holding. At same time, he is also the Founder of China's first free diving studio (One Free dive).
Mr. Sendoh Wang, China
AIDA Free Diving Instructor

Sendoh Wang is an IC design engineer and AIDA free diving instructor. He started free diving in 2012, broke several national records of China, and is still keeping three records, including 96M CWT, 90M FIM, and 65M CNF. He has rich and vast experience in free diving training and competition, and has strived to promote recreational and safe free diving in China.
Ms. Chen Yu-Ping, China

Yu-Ping was a typical office lady working in Beijing large law firm. In 2009, she did her first diving in Phuket Island while with her family vacation; she was so attracted by the magnificent and colorful underwater world, which marked the start of her diving career, changing her life from then on. In the subsequent two to three years, she has been diving in most of the oceans of Asia, America, and Europe. In year 2012, she start pick up her camera to shot underwater, she like the capture the beauty of marine creatures, she believe, with joining the ocean world as diver, she can be a protector to the ocean.
Mr. Irwin Ang, Malaysia
Underwater Photographer

Born and bred in the beautiful Malaysia, Irwin Ang is an avid nature lover, especially the colourful and mystical underwater world. Since picking up the diving sport in 2011, Irwin was promoted to a diving coach few years later. Today, he has attained the status of a world-class award-winning underwater photographer and has been shortlisted at many professional online underwater photography webpage. Irwin is here to share his thoughts, rich experiences and the techniques with you. Sink in to Irwin's motto: Explore, Create, Share... and learn the tricks of capturing the most memorable underwater moments.
Mr. Andrew Georgitsis, USA
Founder and CEO of UTD International LLC.

AG was once a member of National Water Polo Team and started diving at the young age, specializing in technical diving, cave diving, wreck diving, CCR diving and so on. He has served as a technical diving trainer and a CCR diving trainer of a number of international diving agencies such as GUE, NAUI, SSI, PDIC, NASDS, etc. AG not only brings comprehensive diving training to many countries but also develops cutting-edge diving equipment from time to time to support the UTD training system so that divers can have more complete and safer diving conditions.
Mr. Jean-Claude Monachon, Switzerland
VP Sales, Marketing and International Business Development/Director of SSI Hong Kong/SSI Instructor Trainer

Mr. Jean-Claude Monachon speaks 5 languages – French, German, Italian, Spanish and English (and some Russian). He started to dive in 1974, became a dive professional in 1987 and then worked for 3 years in the Maldives. In 1991, he opened the first PADI center in the French part of Switzerland. In 1991, he joined PADI Europe and became the CEO of PADI Europe. From 2010-2013, JC was the VP Sales, Marketing and International Business Development for PADI Europe, Middle-East and Africa as well as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee of PADI Worldwide. In 2014, he joined SSI Worldwide as a VP Sales, Marketing and International Business Development. JC is also the Director of SSI Hong Kong. JC is a truly multicultural and international diving professional who is also a SSI Instructor Trainer, Swim Trainer and Lifeguard Trainer with over 5000 dives.
Mr. Toby Leung, Hong Kong
Sales Director of Guangzhou OPENWATER Info Tech Co., Ltd.

Toby has been in love with ocean since he was teenage, he established a diving group in 2007 to participating ocean conservation activities regularly, and became PADI OWSI in 2011. Toby likes teaching diving and underwater photography, loves making more friends to share the joy of diving and advocate the important of ocean protection. Now he is the PADI IDC Staff Instructor, and the Marketing Director of Guangzhou OPENWATER Info Tech Co., Ltd., which is the Master Dealer of China of the OCEANIC and HOLLIS.
Mr. Li Hui, China
ANDI Regional Manager of the great China and Philippines

Mr. Li Hui has been had experiences about 20 years. He is first person who bring ANDI to China. He has been promoted ANDI system in China and Philippines. He is ANDI IT and ANDI Hyperbaric instructor.
Mr. Thomas Dederichs, Germany
TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer / GUE Cave II diver / PADI OWSI

The CEO/President of BtS Europa AG, Verwaltungs GmbH, EU Service u. Reparatur GmbH, OMS and DCB Holding GmbH. He is serving at the DUI and GUE Board of Directors. Thomas has been diving for more than 35 years with more than 2000 dives. He has over 10-year experiences in TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer and TDI Inspiration Instructor. He is also qualified as a GUE Fundamentals Instructor, GUE Cave II diver as well as PADI OWSI. Furthermore, Thomas led a Dive & Travel adventure team to explore wrecks in the Irish Sea.
Ms. Lina Liao, China
CEO of Guangzhou Asian World International Travel Co., LTD / CEO of Majestic Dive Club / Head of Guangdong Division for Miss Scuba International

As a founder of the Guangzhou Asian World International Travel Co., LTD, she has been in travel industry for more than ten years. Not only she is an experienced diving travel professional and diving instructor, but also an ocean conservationist. She dedicates her time to advocate every diving destination in the world, also she established the Majestic Dive Club which hosts Miss Scuba International and a series of ocean environmental and conservational activities. Meanwhile, she is also the agency of famous Taiwanese diving gear brand “SurfaceTension”. The mission for her business is “Protect the ocean in the name of beauty”, she hopes to influence more people by herself, and to promote diving sport together, then to advocate the ocean conservation.
Ms. Corinna Davids, Austria
SSI Asia Pacific Service Manager/SSI Philippines Operations Manager/SSI Instructor Trainer

Diving since 1999, SSI Instructor Trainer and Swim Teacher Certifier. As SSI Asia Pacific Service Manager and SSI Philippines Operations Manager based in Cebu, Philippines, Corinna has been working closely with the Filipino as well as the Asian Diving Industry. She made a name for herself by representing the young female Voice in the Diving World.
Mr. Li Zhiqin, China
Founder & CEO of Youcan Robot

Zhiqin Li is a master of control engineering from East China University of science and technology. He was a customer support engineer at Master semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. He has abundant experience in mass production and solves the chip problem of mass-produced TV sets for China's major TV manufacturers, such as Hisense, Konka, etc. Also, he founded the Shanghai Showme Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Then, he provides education board overall solution for Shanghai broadcasting and other customers.
Mr. Gallup Lee, Hong Kong
Global Vice President for PSAI/PSAI P.R.C Licensee/PSAI Philippines Licensee

Gallup Lee is PSAI Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau Licensee, PSAI Philippines Licensee, PSAI Global Vice President, GOSIDEMOUNT official Lecturer for Asia, and Instructor Trainer. Mr. Gallup dedicates to promote the golden triangle spirit, which is Knowledge, Safety, and Integrity; in order to improve the professional skills and safety awareness of divers. Mr. Gallup is well known to his professional diving skills, extensive training experiences, and unique personality within the diving society. He has also trained many tech divers and tech instructors with excellent professional skills. Therefore, it is safe to say that Mr. Gallup has contributed extraordinarily towards the development of tech diving.
Mr. Han Ting, China
Founder and Training Director of Flag Blue Diving

Ting is the first Chinese Rec, Tec and Free diving all-round instructor. Now he is served as PSAI instructor trainer. He is also a cave diving enthusiast and explorer. Ting has been trying almost all different kinds of diving and all aspects of tec diving since he became an instructor. He keeps trying to get involved in the most cutting-edge knowledge developing and diving practicing, devotes himself to become a versatile instructor which provides continuous improved professional diving training. Ting enthuses about cave diving, especial cave diving expedition in the recent years, and is exploring the underwater cave systems in Guangxi recently.
Ms. Ann Liu, China
SSI Mermaid Instructor Trainer

Ann Liu is one of SSI first Chinese speaking mermaid instructor trainers and has 8 years of experience of professional mermaid training. She studied under retired Russian national synchronized swimmer. Also, Ann is a SSI and AIDA freediving instructor. She has designed multiple styles of mermaid tails independently, and designed the first fluorescent mermaid tail around the world as well. Ann has many intellectual property and patents on mermaid production.
Mr. Ben Wang, China
Director of IANTD China / IANTD Technical Wreck IT / Deep Dive IT / Cave Dive Instructor / Underwater Photographer

Ben Wang began diving in 2007 and started technical diving in 2009. From then on, he gradually became one of leading technical divers in the young generation. He is also a skilled underwater adventure photographer. His great skills and psychological qualities help him to have wonderful performance underwater. In the field of China technical diving, he has captured lots of precious moments.
Ms. Louise Chau (Kei Yin), Hong Kong
TDISDI Instructor Trainer Evaluator

Louise Chau certified as an instructor trainer since 2008. She is promoted as the first SDI female Instructor Trainer Evaluator and SF2 Close Circuit Rebreather instructor trainer in Asia Pacific area. She is also a CCR enthusiast and passionate about all diving related matter. Louise keeps learning and polishing her skills after being as a TDI technical instructor since 2004. With her passion of diving , Louise is seeking to pursue more knowledge and advance diving skill to enrich her diving dictionary. As an instructor trainer, she hopes she may pass the positive message and share her experience to encourage more divers become professional especially female diver.
Mr. Roy Wang, China
Founder of DouDin Ocean Insurance

Roy is one of the founders of DouDin Ocean Insurance and a diving enthusiast as well. As a professional in the insurance industry, Roy well knows that diving activities are not included into most accidental insurance and travel insurance. And he found that the diving instructor only insured him with one travel insurance which excluded diving when he was trained oversea. Therefore, he decided to start the DouDin Ocean Professional Diving Insurance Project with the aim of making the diving industry progressed. At present, the DouDin Ocean Team has been engaged in the insurance industry for 15 years, focusing on the customization and services of special insurance.
Mr. Wang Yu, China

Wang Yu is a PSAI (Professional Scuba Association International) instructor and an outdoor sports lover as well. After Wang Yu tried scuba diving, he deeply fell in love with it. To explore unknown fields and improve the diving safety in various environments, he is constantly learning technical diving and related knowledge. In recent years, he loves to do wreck diving and cave diving. He hopes that he can share his experience to people who love this sport.
Mr. Lee Shih-Ming (Mingo), Taiwan
SDITDI Instructor Trainer

Lee Shih-Ming, also known as Mingo, he starts his scuba diving career in 1996. Mingo currently is the SDITDI Instructor Trainer, and also a marine life videographer. In 2015, Mingo worked with China Airline to play his underwater production of all over the world. Not to mention that he has been cooperated with different movie directors. Among these movie productions, Formosa 3D is the special one because it’s required more than 3D videography technique; it required the ability to use it underwater. Mingo is putting the marine conservation information spreading in action by sharing his videos. He also is the lecturer/consultant of the Fishery to Scuba Diving Tourism Transformation Program of Taiwan offshore islands. He even united the local people of the Liuqiu Island to spontaneously hold a marine concert to promote the idea of establishing the Marine Protected Areas in Taiwan. By doing all these acts, Mingo wants to spread the beauties of ocean to everyone on earth, and then catching up the problems that mother sea is facing.
Mr. Alexander Xue, China
IANTD Technical Wreck Diver / IANTD Technical Cave Diver / Member of Hecker Explore Team

An unknown financial worker, underwater communication specialist, and IANTD Advanced Rec Trimix Diver. Also, IANTD Technical Wreck Diver, IANTD Technical Cave Diver, and a member of Hecker Explore Team.
Mr. OKK Wang, China
IANTD Technical Diving Instructor / IANTD Technical Cave Diver / IANTD Normaxic Trimix Plus Diver / IANTD Trimix gas blender / Member of Hecker Explore Team

Project Director of a non-famous financial technology company, financial technical system architect, Trimix / Technical Cave Diver, the water-drop maker inventor. Also, IANTD Technical Diving Instructor, IANTD Technical Cave Diver, IANTD Normaxic Trimix Plus Diver, IANTD Trimix gas blender, PADI Instructor, and a member of Hecker Explore Team.
Ms. Huang Hui, China
Project Manager of “DFH” / Underwater Therapist

Project manager and underwater therapist of “DFH”, the world's first non-profit organization that focuses on providing scuba diving experiences for the autistic community. She used to be a primary school teacher, participating in this special program gives her significant inspiration: she decided to building a scientific course system which focuses on autism to let more people can benefit from it.
Ms. Julia Mouce, Spain
Certified PADI Freediver™ Instructor / PADI Freediver™ Instructor Trainer / Double National Record holder for Argentina in CW and CNF / Owner of renowned training center Apnea Bali and Freedive Air

Julia Mouce is a Certified PADI Freediver™ Instructor, PADI Freediver™ Instructor Trainer, Double National Record holder for Argentina in CW and CNF, and the Owner of renowned training center Apnea Bali and Freedive Air. She has coached successful athletes such as Aolin Wang, Matt Yang, Jason Fish, Chris Chung, Thibault Guignes, Miguel Lozano among many others others. It’s not only her years of experience in freediving, setting up successful schools in Asia or her accomplishments as a coach, instructor trainer or athlete that make Julia a well-known name in our freediving community.


Events & Programs
6 April 2018 (Friday, 10:00am-6:00pm)
Time Program Venue
11:00-11:40AM Diving Public Welfare Seminar – Ms. Huang Hui (Diving for Humanity)
Topic: Unique Underwater World - Introduction of Autism Underwater Therapy
Stage A
11:50-12:30PM Diving Medicine Seminar – Mr. Henry Tao
Topic: Diving Decompression Sickness
Stage A
12:40-01:20PM Marine Conservation Seminar – Mr. Morgan Xia (Dive For Love)
Topic: How Do We Promote Coral Conservation (Hundred Meter‘s Coral Sea Project Introduction)
Stage A
01:30-02:10PM Technical Diving Seminar – Mr. Thomas Dederichs (OMS)
Topic: Diving in Western World
Stage A
03:00-04:00PM Opening Ceremony Stage A
04:20-05:00PM Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Ken Thongpila
Topic: Diving in Okinawa with Japanese Underwater Photography Style
Stage A
05: 10-05:50PM Underwater Photography Seminar – Ms. Chen Yuping
Topic: The Magic of Underwater Macro Photography
Stage A
12:05-12:45PM A Yong Yuta
Topic: The Trace of Yuta
Stage B
12:55-01:35PM Freediving Seminar – Mr. Sendoh Wang
Topic: The True Essence of “Relaxation” in Freediving
Stage B
01:45-02:25PM Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Gary Sun
Topic: Selection of Camera Lens
Stage B
04:15-04:55PM Freediving Seminar – Mr. Enzo Zhao
Topic: The True Essence of “Relaxation” in Freediving
Stage B
05: 05-05:45PM Dive Destination Seminar – Mr. Liu Yi
Topic: New Discovery of Manado
Stage B
7 April 2018 (Saturday, 10:00am-6:00pm)
Time Program Venue
10:45-11:25AM Cave Diving Seminar – Mr. Liu Yi
Topic: The First Live Streaming of 100M Deep Cave Exploration in The World
Stage A
11:30-12:10PM Freediving Seminar – Ms. Ann Liu (SSI)
Topic: Ten Years, Dream of Mermaid
Stage A
12:15-12:55PM Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Irwin Ang
Topic: Chase for The Photo, Not The Critter
Stage A
01:00-01:35PM Diving Equipment Seminar – Mr. Toby Leung (Guangzhou Open Water)
Topic: The Testing Report of Dive Computer And Introduction of The Latest OCEANIC And HOLLIS Products
Stage A
01:35-02:05PM Freediving Seminar – Ms. Julia Mouce (Apnea Bali)
Topic: We Are All Natural Born Freedivers!
Stage A
02:05-02:35PM Press Conference – Ms. Lou Yan (PADI)
Topic: PADI Marine Environmental Protection Fund and the Clean Seas Project Launch
Stage A
02:40-03:15PM Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Lin Qing
Topic: Be Different, Be Yourself
Stage A
03:20-04:00PM Technical Diving Seminar – Ms. Louise Chau (TDISDI)
Topic: The Deep Blue~ Egypt Blue Hole CCR 100m Diving
Stage A
04:05-04:45PM Cave Diving Seminar – Mr. Andrew Georgitsis (UTD)
Topic: Introduction to Cave Diving And The Guang-Xi Cave Project
Stage A
04:50-05:30PM Suunto Lucky Draw Stage A
05:30-06:00PM Lucky Draw Stage A
10:40-11:20AM A Yong Yuta
Topic: The Demonstration of Yuta
Stage B
11:25-12:05PM Scuba Diving Seminar – Mr. Vince Pan
Topic: The Decompression Sickness-PFO
Stage B
12:10-12:50PM Diving Equipment Seminar – Ms. Lina Liao (SurfaceTension)
Topic: How to Dive with Lightweight And Fashionable BCD from SurfaceTension
Stage B
12:55-01:35PM Technical Diving Seminar – Mr. OKK Wang / Mr. Alexander Xue (IANTD)
Topic: From Zero to Hero
Stage B
01:45-02:25PM Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Enzo Chen
Topic: Shooting without Dive Guide: Unique Underwater Photography Techniques
Stage B
02:30-03:10PM Cave Diving Seminar – Mr. Han Ting (Flag Blue Diving)
Topic: When You Look Long into An Abyss, The Abyss Looks into You - Dive into DUAN’s Caves
Stage B
03:15-03:55PM Diving Education Seminar – Mr. Li Hui (ANDI)
Topic: Intro to ANDI
Stage B
04:00-04:40PM Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Ken Thongpila
Topic: Diving in Komodo with Underwater Photography Tips
Stage B
10:30-12:00PM PADI - Project Aware SeminarSeminar Room
12:30-02:00PM Marine Conservation Association MeetingSeminar Room
02:30-04:00PM PADI Freediving SeminarSeminar Room
04:30-06:00PM TDISDI Member MeetingSeminar Room
8 April 2018 (Sunday, 10:00am-6:00pm)
Time Program Venue
10:40-11:20AM Diving Equipment Seminar – Mr. Li Zhiqin (Youcan Robot)
Topic: Application of Underwater Drones in The Diving Industry
Stage A
11:25-12:05PM Freediving Seminar – Mr. Sendoh Wang
Topic: Chasing The Blue – From IT Engineer to Freediving Instructor
Stage A
12:10-12:50PM Freediving Seminar – Mr. Enzo Zhao
Topic: Women Who Take on The Most Dangerous Sport in The World
Stage A
01:00-1:40PM Diving Insurance Seminar – Mr. Roy Wang (DouDin Ocean Insurance)
Topic: Scuba & Insurance
Stage A
01:45-02:25PM Freediving Seminar – Mr. Vince Pan
Topic: Instructor Development of The Freediving
Stage A
02:30-03:10PM Technical Diving Seminar – Mr. Ben Wang (IANTD)
Topic: “Black Magic” Underwater Exploration
Stage A
03:20-04:00PM Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Enzo Chen
Topic: Shooting without Dive Guide: Unique Underwater Photography Techniques
Stage A
04:05-04:45PM Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Gary Sun
Topic: This Is What You Should Do in Wide-Angle Underwater Photography
Stage A
04:50-05:30PM Technical Diving Seminar – Mr. Gallup Lee / Mr. Wang Yu (PSAI)
Topic: What Do Technical Divers Actually Do?
Stage A
05:30-06:00PM Lucky Draw Stage A
11:15-11:55AM Diving Education Seminar – Ms. Corinna Davids (SSI)
Topic: Introduction of SSI
Stage B
12:00-12:40PM Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Irwin Ang
Topic: You Never Try, Never Know!
Stage B
12:45-01:25PM Diving Medicine Seminar – Mr. Henry Tao
Topic: Diving Ear Barotrauma
Stage B
01:35-02:15PM Underwater Photography Seminar – Ms. Chen Yuping
Topic: Behind The Photos
Stage B
02:20-03:00PM Scuba Diving Seminar – Mr. Mingo Lee (TDISDI)
Topic: Wonderful Diving Life
Stage B
03:10-03:50PM A Yong Yuta
Topic: The Greatness of Waters Which Nurture The Marine Culture
Stage B
03:55-04:35PM Underwater Photography Seminar – Mr. Lin Qing
Topic: My 2017
Stage B
04:40-05:20PM Diving Equipment Seminar – Mr. Toby Leung (Guangzhou Open Water)
Topic: The Testing Report of Underwater Equipment And Introduction of The Latest OCEANIC And HOLLIS Products
Stage B

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